AirFusion Mask

A compact fresh air system to help you breathe comfortably. 

Advanced Features


The air turbine discharges carbon dioxide, moisture and heat in the mask to support breathing


The dedicated mask filter uses a 5-layer FFP2 standard-compliant filter equivalent to that of your everyday N95 filter.


A speed setting for each environment that reduces the pain when wearing a mask

Smart Technology

The AirOn, AirFusion mask has a air turbine system that eliminates the unpleasant build-up of carbon dioxide and prevents you from breathing in recycled air. It is adjustable depending on comfort level.

Ergonomic Design

A stylish face mask for use in any environment. The AirOn AirFusion Mask is perfect for sports and fitness activities, such as marathons or an evening jog or a regular trip to the grocery store. Wherever you go, you are covered.


Carefully crafted with comfort in mind, the AirOn AirFusion Mask gives you maximum protection from dangerous pollutants, such as dust, virus particles, and pollen.


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