5 Reason Why You Should Continue To Wear A Mask In The Future!

5 Reason Why You Should Continue To Wear A Mask In The Future!

1. You are still protecting yourself and other people from your bacteria.

Let's say you are fully vaccinated, as in you received both shots of the Moderna and Pfizer or one of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccines. There's still a risk that you can spread the virus without showing symptoms. Vaccines protect you from becoming sick, but you don't need to be sick to spread the virus, said Dr. Paul Offit, who advises the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration on COVID vaccines. Wearing a mask is one of the safest ways to prevent the spread and return the world to normal.

2. The vaccine isn't 100% effective.

The three vaccines approved by the CDC and many countries worldwide only have 95% efficacy, which means 1 in 20 people are still at risk. The term efficacy is used to describe the protection the vaccine offers in a control clinical trial, but that number can be far lower to the general public.

3. Vaccines don't provide immediate protection. 

You walked into a vaccination site, you wait in line, and you receive the first shot of the vaccine. You walk away thinking you're protected. You're not! Depending on which vaccine you received, you will need to get another shot, and many other factors could affect the effectiveness of the vaccine on you.

Zuzana Čaputová's all-red outfit sparked with matching mask.

4. It's a form of self-expression.

In March 2020, Zuzana Čaputová, Slovakia president, attended a swearing-in ceremony wearing a burgundy mask with a matching dress. While she stood next to other members of government, she stood out! They all had the dull blue surgical mask. Today countless designers are creating their own. Masks are here to stay!

5. So we can all get back to normality.

Summer is coming! We all want to travel, to sip mojitos on a warm sunny day by the water, to sing and dance at a concert, but for long as coronavirus is an issue, these things will be limited.