Elevator Moment

Elevator Moment

By Ramon Parchment

Leaving the safe environment of your home to return to the office has many employees’ anxiety on high alert. Once a chance encounter with a friendly coworker in the elevator was uplifting. Now, these chance encounters induce panic and stress. Questions like whether this person is vaccinated or has Covid-19 are constant thoughts; instead of asking the person how their weekend was.

I had a high anxiety moments on an elevator recently at work. A typical Wednesday morning, I logged in into my computer to answered several emails from the previous day, and I immediately got a call from a site manager to review  a project I did the day before. I put on my hardhat and safety vest and made my way to the elevator to head downstairs to meet with the contractor. I work on the 7th floor; another person entered the elevator on the way down, and I realized this person was not wearing a mask. The elevator doors shut, as the elevator made its descent, the person began sneezing. Of course, we were both looking at each other, he began apologizing, and I started shaking my head in dismay. This encounter for 4 seconds could have ruined my whole day and subsequent interactions with everyone after that.

Luckily, I was wearing my Air fusion Mask; I always try my best to never leave home without it. The Air fusion has a KN-95 grade filter on the inside. This protects other individuals around me as well myself in smaller clustered spaces, like elevators, subway trains, and bathrooms. Traditional KN-95 masks provide protection; however, they are not as comfortable to wear the whole day as the Air fusion Mask. The built-in Air Turbine provides cooling while keeping me protected. You never know in these crazy times when a chance encounter out of your control will turn into a moment of fear and anxiety. However, with the Air fusion mask, you can rest assured that if a moment like this does happen, you are protected and can turn on with your day uninterrupted.