Fitness Flow Overdrive

Fitness Flow Overdrive

Fitness Flow Overdrive


For anyone avid gym-goer, it is safe to say that Covid-19 has been a difficult time for us. Personally, it was a difficult journey getting back into the swing of things and getting over the anxiety of working out at a gym in the ongoing pandemic. Here is some helpful information about working out with a mask and how the Air Fusion Mask will assist you on your fitness journey. 


 Workout Intensity Dilemma  


We all recognize that we should wear a mask to protect others once we plan to exercise at an indoor facility. However, we may need to alter our intensity with a typical mask. When we work out, we create an increased amount of lactic acid, which turns into CO2 that we exhale. This CO2 increases with a higher level of intensity of exercise. The problem lies when wearing a mask put us at risk for taking in more CO2 which has adverse side effects. Lightheadedness or dizziness are common, and in severe cases, fainting are some of the side effects. 

The general recommendation is to lower your intensity to a lower level than we are used to and then increase exertion over time. 


Many regulars at their gym take pride in their fitness levels find it hard to make this necessary adjustment. We all want to return to a time where we could work out free of these masks; sadly, that will not be the case for a long time. Lucky for us, the Air Fusion mask bridges the gap between comfort and quality protection. The Air Fusion Mask has an air turbine on it and a KN-95 filter on the inside. The Air turbine forces air into the mask across the filter and provides a fresh dose of oxygen while working out. The Air turbine has two-speed levels. The lower speed is great for resistance training, for example, powerlifting. The second speed setting is better suited for cardio workouts, i.e., jogging and rowing workouts.  


I prefer using it for Powerlifting workouts and running outside without a mask. Being born in the warm sunny island of Jamaica, I'm accustomed to running outside when since it is warm all the time. However, living in NYC during winter, running outside shirtless is a no-go for me. I Miss Jamaica. Nevertheless, it is nice to have the option of running inside a gym facility and reducing the lightheaded feeling of having on a mask.  


Consult Your Doctor 

Anyone with pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular conditions should make sure to consult their family doctor before working out with a mask. If cleared by the family doctor, still take the precautious to monitor your heart rate while exercising with a mask. A mask is still a mask, and while the Air fusion is fantastic, it is not perfect. It still does not feel like being free of a mask. What is great is that it is further ahead of the other mask on the market of providing protection and bringing back level breathing f.


Additional Tips 


Below are some additional tips for exercising with a mask from the American Council of Exercise. 


Ensure sure your mask is large enough to cover your nose and face properly. The Air fusion Mask comes with adjustable straps and fits many different face sizes and shapes. 


The mask should feel comfortable and snug around your cheeks and nose. The Air fusion filters comes with a nose bridge to ensure a secure seal on your face, similar to other N95 masks.


Ensure that the mask does not significantly restrict your breathing before exercise; it will not be good to wear during exercise. Air fusion mask comes with a two-speed Air turbine that assists in providing more oxygen in the air-restricted environment of a mask.


The major advantage of the fabric mask is that it can be washed and then reused. Workout enthusiasts who exercise regularly are encouraged to own a few masks so there is a clean, dry mask ready before and after each workout. Any laundry type of detergent will be fine for washing cloth facemasks. Air fusion mask is a fabric and filters mask duo. The material on the outside is machine washable and the filters are replaceable and are sold at


If you tend to sweat a lot during your workout, perhaps bring a second mask with you and replace it when it becomes damp. It is best to replace a wet mask. With the Air fusion mask, you can replace the wet inside filter with a new filter after quickly washing and drying the outside quick-drying fabric. 


The other option is having two AirOn Mask versus one. I have two, one is black and the other in Grey. I work out the black Airfusion mask and the grey one I wear when I am going out. I might be biased when I say there is nothing like it on the market for the quality and price.