Is wearing a face mask the new normal?

By Kadeem Joseph 

Keys, phone, wallet, mask; these will soon be the everyday carry items.

Masks are definitely prevalent now, fashion companies are rushing to create and sell a mask. From top designers like Fendi, who sold masks with their iconic FF logo, to the everyday ETSY user; masks are definitely in. 

Here in the U.S, the CDC recommends that everyone wears some sort of face mask to limit the spread of the coronavirus. They even illustrate how you can make your own from an old shirt or any kind of cloth. The only problem with this is that a cloth mask doesn’t stop you from inhaling the virus. That's right, cloth masks do not stop you from getting the virus! It limits how much of your bacteria escapes your mouth and nose. Only N95 respirators masks can prevent someone from breathing in the virus, and masks that have an N95 filter built-in. 

States such as New York and New Jersey and others issued mandatory orders for people to wear masks whenever they leave the house. As people continue to wear a mask during daily activities, a habit develops.  Keys, wallet, phone, mask; these will soon be the basic everyday carry if it’s not already. 

So, where can you get a mask with an N95 filter? Not many places; medical-grade masks with N95 filters are already in short supply for medical workers who need them. That's why the CDC recommends you make your own cloth mask. Fashion and textile companies capitalize on this mandate and repurpose their factories and stockpiles of fabric to make masks.

The CDC and NIH doctors say that the virus will be around for the next few years, or until a vaccine is tested and safely implemented. We should be prepared to take the necessary precaution to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The future is uncertain, but as a habit for wearing a mask develops, people should seek to wear something that's comfortable, reliable, and, most importantly, protects you from the coronavirus.