Soooo About Back to School...

Soooo About Back to School...

By Shane Garraway

There are a lot of things to think about when you're preparing for the new school year. And while your kids may be thinking about what they're going to wear, how much homework they have and who their new friends will be, there is one thing that parents should not forget: Facemasks. Facemasks are an essential part of staying healthy during this time of the global pandemic.

As a parent, there is a blanket of anxiety associated with parenting; add to the mix the risk of getting Covid, and it takes conscious effort not to smother your children in bubble wrap and hover over them like a helicopter… but I digress. To date, parents have been told that disposable and cloth masks are sufficient protection for their children in shared spaces. That does not sound like sufficient bubble wrap but let's look at the facts. 

We know that facemasks are effective against COVID-19. The CDC and other governmental bodies prescribe them as a result of a myriad of studies performed. The reduction in cases is a testament to their effectiveness. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly if you're not one to underestimate human beings), children have been quick to adapt to using masks. The little ones in my life never leave home without them and quickly remind elders of the need for their PPE. But what factors inform the best choice of mask for the youth? A June 2020 study performed by Bristol Medical School, London, UK, made children's face masks more appealing, breathable, cooler. Thus kids kept their masks on properly and for longer.  Facemasks are important but let's not get distracted because they can be a bit of a pain to wear. In most cases, children will spend more than five hours in the classroom, often in the same building. That means that they will be breathing more germs, particles, and viruses into their lungs than we adults do at home.

Many great minds are working to ensure we are all able to live long and full lives. A few of them started Airon Labs LLC to ensure that we have a comfortable facemask solution. Facemasks are the first line of defense against airborne threats. It is a fact that most children do not like to wear masks, their teachers struggle to keep them on for more than thirty minutes at a time, and they feel hot in these devices. Airon mask was designed by engineers who wanted to create an effective yet comfortable solution that solves all those issues while providing up-to-date protection from germs and viruses. We have created a facemask so simple but fit's perfectly around your nose and mouth. It also has improved durability because it is made of flexible mesh material, which means your kids can even pull hidden funny faces without breaking them!