Why would I wear a mask after the vaccine is being rolled out?

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Why would I wear a mask after the vaccine is being rolled out? 



There are plenty of reasons to continue wearing a mask. Breathing fresh air free of any harm is the goal of everyone. We live in an industrial age; 56% of the world population lives in large cities and will continue to rise. Cities are a hotspot for pollutions and toxic chemicals in the air, and of course, there's still coronavirus.


In different parts of the world, people wear a mask for various reasons; motorists use it to block out exhaust during heavy traffic. Many runners wear a mask to block out pollen and dust while they are running through parks. As the world normalizes wearing a mask, it will become mainstream from the park's runners to the mom taking her kids to school.


If you're wondering if it's safe to wear a mask while exercising, rest assured, it is. In June 2020, the New York Times ran an article, "Exercising While Wearing a Mask" that outlines the pros and cons and sites an informal study of adverse effects. The main problem that occurs is an excess of sweat that makes it uncomfortable to breathe. We tackled this problem by adding moisture-wicking fabric and a fan to help circulate air and keep things dry.


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the current chief medical advisor to the president, believes we will be wearing a mask through 2022. There have been over 37 million people vaccinated in the U.S, just about 10% of the population. However, the global population is well over 8 billion. To return to a sense of normalcy, most of the world's population will need to be vaccinated.


The three vaccines approved by the CDC and many countries worldwide only have 95% efficacy, which means 1 in 20 people are still at risk. The term efficacy is used to describe the protection the vaccine offers in a control clinical trial, but that number can be far lower to the general public. Which means wearing a mask is still the safest bet.

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