This is a Journey into style and functionality.

With our red and blue masks now available, we figured this was a good time to reintroduce you to the feature that makes this marvelous piece of personal protective equipment a cut above the rest.

Airon mask 1
The form factor of the Airfusion mask is designed with the natural curves and features of the human head in mind. The gentle curves of the mask are welcoming to the eye as otherwise utilitarian features blend seamlessly into the different materials employed for optimized comfort and protection.

Looking at the right side of the Airfusion mask, we see the fine woven cloth that creates the mask's body. This material allows the mask to be folded easily and stored in a bag or even a large pocket without any worry about deformation.

Also, we see the hard plastic employed to support the straps. This feature gives the mask the rigidity it needs to securely and comfortably form to the wearer's face.

The straps themselves are stretchable and adjustable, adding more comfort to the wearer.

Looking at the Airfusion mask from the left, the triangular turbine casing is the most striking feature. The case is equipped with an indicator that illuminates when the turbine is on.

The fan itself is what sets the Airfusion mask apart. This system facilitates the expulsion of moisture and stagnant air that otherwise would be trapped in the mask. If you have any further questions about the Airfusion fan, please comment here, email us, or reach out via social media!